The most cost-effective start to digital impression-taking.


APOLLO DI, the specially developed intraoral scanner for cost-efficient digital impressions.

  • Easy handling thanks to multitouch control
  • Small and lightweight camera
  • Export of scan-data in the laboratory
  • No follow-up costs

Export of digital impression data (captured with the APOLLO DI in the practice and received via the Sirona Connect Portal) in an open ST L format for processing in other CAD/CAM systems.

* Not available in all countries.

CEREC AC acquisition unit with CEREC Bluecam

CEREC AC and the CEREC Bluecam

  • Unparalleled imaging precision* and optimum visibility in the patient’s mouth thanks to a high-performance diode that emits blue light
  • Efficient and relaxed working thanks to the automatic image triggering function. An entire quadrant can be digitally scanned in less than one minute
  • Extensive depth of field ensures optimum imaging fidelity at the preparation margin
  • The enhanced precision of the CEREC AC and the CEREC Bluecam form the basis for creating Sirona Connect models for dental laboratories.

* Result of a study by Prof. Dr. Mehl (Zurich University, 2008): Accuracy of depth measurement: 19 µm.

CEREC AC acquisition unit with CEREC Omnicam
Scanning simplicity.

CEREC AC and the CEREC Omnicam

  • Powder-free scanning: CEREC Omnicam is optimized for powder-free scanning of natural tooth structures and gingiva. Simply place the camera over the relevant area and the scan starts automatically. The elimination of the powder coating means that the scanning process is easier to learn. Full-arch and halfarch scans can now be performed more onveniently and quickly than ever before.
  • Unrivalled handling benefits:
    Perfect access: CEREC Omnicam fits perfectly into the user’s hand. Thanks to the slimline design and the compact camera tip, scanning the posterior teeth presents no problems. The rounded outer contours ensure that it is easy to rotate. Regardless of whether the patient is sitting upright or reclining, you can scan the upper and lower jaws ergonomically without having to adjust your natural working posture.
    Seamless scanning process: The user simply moves the camera head closely over the teeth in a single flowing movement. The data is generated successively into a 3D model. The seamless scanning process delivers an impressive depth of field. What’s more, you can interrupt and resume the scan at any time.
  • Precise 3D scans in natural color: It is impressive to see the 3D model displayed in full color on the monitor. The various surfaces are shown in their natural shades. This direct and realistic feedback helps you navigate your way around the oral cavity and enables you to distinguish between amalgam, gold or composite. Clinically it provides a clear differentiation between gingiva and the preparation margin.
  • Effective communication with patients: CEREC Omnicam offers a further decisive benefit. In the patient counseling mode you can record video clips and present these directly to the patient. The lifelike visualization of the teeth and gingiva helps to convince the patient of the need for treatment. He or she will more readily understand and accept your therapy proposals.
CEREC Connect software

Dentists who want to work via Sirona Connect will automatically receive the CEREC Connect 4.0 software as part of the CEREC AC package. The software boasts a modern, intuitive user interface and does not require any special computer skills.

CEREC Connect SoftwareThe CEREC Connect software:

  • computes the virtual 3D model during the treatment session
  • assists with the definition of the preparation margin (Alternatively, this step can be performed by the dental laboratory.)
  • transmits the 3D model to the dental laboratory via the Sirona Connect web portal
  • on the basis of the acquired data a temporary can be designed and fabricated immediately in the dental practice

System requirement for CEREC Connect software 4.0

Sirona Connect portal

Sirona Connect portalThe Sirona Connect portal supports the online transmission of the digital model data together with the order specifications. Here you will find all the registered inLab laboratories. You can establish contact with these labs in the usual way.

The data is uploaded to the portal directly from the CEREC Connect software or APOLLO Connect software (it depends on the scanner you use)

The inLab software downloads the data directly from the Sirona Connect portal to the laboratory’s computer.

The requirements for uploading and downloading data are as follows: an Internet connection; a valid e-mail address; once-only registration by the dentist and dental laboratory on the Sirona Connect portal.